Monday, March 8, 2010

Diving it is!!

As any of you that follow my page know, I have invited our 25 year old son to travel to ST Martin with me for a few days. I promised him one day of activity that is his choice…Threw out two fun ideas, first being a tour of Anguilla and second being a couple of dives off of ST Martin.

To my surprise he chose the diving. Yes we are both advanced open water certified with PADI so being qualified is no issue. I made the assumption that he would want to go to Anguilla and was wrong. I like to dive and has been a bit over a year since I have been so I am very good with refreshing my skills a bit and seeing a bit of King Neptune’s gardens that surround ST Martin.

Our next discussion is what part of our own equipment will we bring or no. Our fins are large enough to propel a pretty healthy Humpback whale thru the water. Problem being they are just that large. My guess is we will be taking our masks and snorkels but leaving the fins behind. My intent is to use Octopus dive in Grand Case. They look like the kind of shop I would like to use. Max on a dive is 6 people and they will rent equipment that is fairly new and very well kept. That makes things easy. Now just have to book a half day of diving to enjoy…

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