Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8 Days a week....

Yup, we have 8 days left until we are back at our island paradise.
Time is both flying and creeping by. How is that possible?

There are things I need to do before we leave…for those things time is moving way too fast. Such as, writing a bio, publishing a website, getting my wife to decide on what she wants to bring to wear. Will I have an art show or not…if so which pictures will I bring if not can we pack all in a carry on suitcase? I have a computer that needs to be worked on, movies to download, camera memory cards to clear and batteries to charge up.

Not quite a Beetles song but, there are days we must get thru before loading up and heading out. Still another 5 days of work at my primary job before I can fully turn my focus to travel, photography, sales of items that I have on island and such… Doesn’t help much that two other couples we are looking forward to seeing while there leave this weekend…a week ahead of us…grumble, grumble. Good part of that is we will still be on island once they have left.

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to focus as the days get closer. Nice part is everything on island is taken care of…have reserved my rooms, car, phone and contacted all to make sure things will run as smoothly as ST Martin time allows. Look out island…our trip is on the immediate horizon.

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