Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I’ve got what may be a terminal case of RIF!

It has bee ll months since our last visit and Rob has a bad case of RIF! What is RIF? It is Reverse Island Fever. I say reverse because we used to live on Oahu and Island fever was the want to get off that rock! This is Reverse of that….I think Jimmy Buffett said it best….”I gotta go to ST Somewhere” and my somewhere is ST Maarten.

We usually go in April but this year it just isn’t the best of ideas (see interpretation as not enough money and hoping to hang on to my job in a merging company) so we are looking at traveling in November instead….Oh NOOOOOOOOO! Hope I can make it that long.

This does however give me the opportunity to put together some photo-art sales ideas. I have a couple up my sleeve and now that it is getting warmer outside I am starting to get a bit more motivated about getting things set up and hopefully get my little business off the ground.

So now we have picked the month and I am looking at our flights….prices are pretty reasonable. Next will be pull the trigger and start the official countdown to return. Yes I have invited some friends but at this point have no idea if they will accept the offer and go or not. We shall see!!

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